We have a corner of our drawing room library set aside for books on our favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. But the Step-Up Books edition of "Meet Abraham Lincoln" is a particular favorite, because it features lavish art from MAD Magazine great Jack Davis!  Here's a sample:

Lincoln vowing to take on the Usual Gang of Idiots

Check out the cross-hatching on either side of Abe's geturing arm.  Is it meant to evoke a flock of birds in the sky?  Every piece of art in the book is a triumph of composition, likeness, and style.

The only short-coming I could mention is that the book does not utilize word balloons, although it contains much dialogue and invented conversations. If it had been made in the "comic book" style, it would have been an important piece in the story of historical comics, like the works of Jack Jackson, Marjane Satrapi, and Nathan Hale.

Perhaps we should scan the pages and add dialogue balloons ourselves?