Some of these blog entries are going to go by the name of "The SLOG," and will be accompanied by a drawing of a possibly-upcoming Dimensionals swamp-creature, the Slog.

These entries will discuss the nuts and bolts of making our comic, both creatively and from the business end of things.

Currently, we're working on issue #5, which will continue the story begun in issue #4, and will conclude in #6.  Those three issues, in which the Dimensionals travel to another layer of reality called a brane (for "membrane"), may become our second graphic novel, or we may hold off until #7 is done (which will be something of a stand-alone story involving a time-travelling Ima Hogg) and include that as well.

I'd like to include shots of the upcoming work, but I don't know that I can do that with the blog tools available here...  Hold on, let me try something...

Hey! It works!

Ah, there we go!  Okay, stay tuned!  Much art is going to arrive in the next installment of the SLOG!

-Bashful Bry