We stopped by the 400 year old Live Oak in Cedar Park last night to grab a last bit of Christmastime cheer before the lights go down for another eleven months, and I asked the kids which was older, the tree or America? 

Everett ventured the correct answer, and I shared how I keep America's age at the forefront of my memory:  A lot of my favorite comics just happened to have come out in 1976, the American Bicentennial. That was only one year after my birth, so my age + 1 + 200 = America's age.

Everett pointed out (as he often does these days) that I was only five years away from my "Baby Yoda Birthday" (when I'll turn 50) and so we wondered, then asked Siri on the drive home: What will the 250th birthday of America be called?

Get ready for the Semiquincentennial, everybody... Coming in 2026!